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HOAs vs. Condo Associations

The main difference between an HOA and a Condominium Association is ownership. In an HOA the homeowner owns the lot and the HOA owns the common areas. In a Condominium Association each unit is owned by a unit owner and the common areas are owned jointly by all unit owners. In an HOA homeowners are responsible for maintaining their individual homes, this allows for lower fees. In the majority of HOAs each owner pays an equal share for the upkeep of the common areas resulting in uniform assessments among individual homeowners. Generally, a Condominium Association will have higher fees than an HOA, this is because the Condominium Association is responsible for maintaining and repairing the condo building. In a condo, assessments vary from owner to owner, usually in proportion to their percentage of ownership. Both HOAs and Condominium Associations impose fees for maintenance and they may also impose fines as a punitive measure for failure to follow the associations’ rules.

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