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Hurricane Preparedness 101

A hurricane poses a great threat to life and property. In light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and the possibility that Hurricane Irma may affect South Floridians here is a list to help protect not only your life and property but your legal interests as well:

  • Make sure important documents such as SSA cards, insurance, birth certificates, etc., are stored in a safe place, use a zip lock bag and e-mail copies to yourself

  • Store enough food and water to sustain yourself and your family for at least three days

  • Make sure you fill the tank in your car

  • Store any loose items in your front and back yards somewhere secure like a warehouse, storage unit, or inside your home

  • Keep your pets inside your home

  • Place ID tags on your pets

  • Refill your prescriptions

  • Prepare your home with shutters and surge protectors

  • Withdraw cash from the bank

  • Dispose of household and yard trash before the storm

  • Prune trees on your property

  • Know where the nearest Hurricane Shelter is located

  • If you need to evacuate, remember to bring your bedding, water, prescriptions, personal hygiene products, snacks, and extra clothing

  • If flooding threatens your home, turn off electricity from the main breaker

  • Report price gauging by dialing, 311

  • If your home suffers damages, contact your insurance carrier immediately

  • If you are affected by a natural disaster chances are you’ll need an attorney to defend your insurance claim, be weary of lawyers soliciting your business, make sure you hire someone you trust

If you have a family attorney, contact them instead to discuss recourse and legal rights after a natural disaster. If you don’t have a family attorney, do your research and speak to someone you trust. It is imperative that you and your family create a disaster kit and discuss safety procedures prior to the storm.

If you or a loved one needs further assistance or is adversely affected by the storm please do not hesitate to contact our office at Dania S. Fernandez & Associates, P.A. 305-254-4492.


Nathalie Santos, Esq.

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